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Prime Season Rates  June - August 31  and  Jan 10 - March 20 (3 Day Min Stay)

Kitchen Kottage Cabin: (Sleeps 4)     $159
(only open April 25-September 30)

Kitchen Kottage(With ATV):                $259

Honeymoon Cabin:   (Sleeps 4)          $169

Honeymoon Combo(With ATV):         $289   ($309 with Snowmobile)

Romantic Hearts Honeymoon Cabin:
(Sleeps 6)                                              $189 

Romantic Hearts Honeymoon Combo
(With ATV):                                           $299  ($329 with Snowmobile)

Large Family Cabin:   (Sleeps 8)       $219
 $10 per person for each person over 6

Large Family Combo(With ATV):      $329($359 with Snowmobile)

All Other Days (Off Season Rates) 2 Day Min Stay

Honeymoon Cabin:                            $149

Honeymoon Combo(With ATV):       $259

Romantic Hearts Honeymoon Cabin:  $169

Romantic Hearts Honeymoon Combo
(With ATV):                                          $279

Large Family Cabin:                           $189

Large Family Cabin(With ATV):         $299

ATV Per Day:                                      $129

Snowmobile (2 Seater) Per Day(600cc):                                                $145

Snowmobile Per Day(800cc)                                                 $165



We have a 90 day cancellation policy for June 1 - August 31 and 60 day cancellation policy for all other months.  You have up to 60/90 days before the arrival date to cancel and receive a full refund minus a $75 cancellation fee or 15% of your deposit, the larger of the two.  If you cancel within 30 days of your arrival, you will be responsible for the entire stay.

The beauty of our place is that it is only a few cabins providing a great deal of privacy.  Being that we are not a motel chain, we do not provide vacation insurance.  If you feel you may have to cancel within the 60/90 day cancellation period, please buy vacation insurance.

If your stay is less than 5 days, there is a $55 cleaning fee for the Kitchen Kottage and the Honeymoon Cabin, and $85 cleaning fee for the Romantic Hearts cabin, and a $95 cleaning fee for the large family cabin.  All stays 5 or more days, there is no cleaning fee.

We have a $55 pet cleaning fee for the Kitchen Kottage and Honeymoon cabin and $85 for the Romantic Hearts and $95 for the Large Family Cabin. No pets over 25 lbs are allowed in any cabin and no pets allowed at all in the Kitchen Kottage.

We strongly recommend a 4WD from October to mid May. We cannot be responsible for the weather. Please check out the weather before you leave. If we get a snow storm, you will need a 4wd to get to your cabin.

There is no smoking in any cabin.

We have the right to cancel a reservation at any time for any reason.  We never had to do this and hope to never will.  If our Pet and Smoking policy are broken, we can cancel your remaining stay at the cabin.




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